Services and Fees

I believe all women should have doula support.  If money is the only thing standing between you and doula services please communicate your circumstances and we can discuss a solution. 

A free 45 minute initial meeting is offered to anyone interested in my services. This meeting allows you get to know me and understand what I can do for you without obligation. I want you and your partner to feel comfortable and make sure that I am a good fit.

Birth Doula Service: $900.00 

If you choose to hire me as your birth doula, after our initial meeting, we will go over the contract and upon signing, this is what you will receive from me: 

  • One prenatal home visit (a second if needed) where we will go over pregnancy, labor/delivery options, breastfeeding and baby care.
  • Assistance in understanding and writing a birth plan. 
  • 24/7 availability by phone, text or email 2 weeks prior to your due date until delivery.
  • Caring and continuous doula support during labor and birth at home, hospital, birthing center or any combination of locations.
  • Help to create and maintain a peaceful, supportive birth environment for mom, partner and baby during labor and delivery.
  • Utilizing labor techniques including massage, birth ball, relaxation, positioning suggestions and pain management techniques.
  • In the event of an unexpected medical intervention or cesarean birth, I will provide emotional and informational support for mom and partner.
  • Photography during labor and birth, if desired. (with your camera)
  • One to two hours of postpartum support, to help you with breastfeeding if needed and to make sure that you and baby are comfortable before I make my departure.

One postpartum home visit where I can admire your sweet baby and we can go over your birth and if I can help with any breastfeeding or newborn care questions, we can discuss those at that time.