About Doula Fees

Many people ask about the breakdown of professional labor support fees. I offer this information so that you'll have a better idea of what your fee is paying for.


An average labor lasts 10  hours.  Most first labors last longer than 18 hours; some can last as long as 40 or more. I spend at least another 8 hours in prenatal and postpartum meetings, phone calls, individual research and responding to e-mails.


When I make a commitment to be available to attend you in labor, I limit the number of clients I put on my calendar to avoid birth conflicts and to ensure that I am reasonably rested when you go into labor. I schedule no more than two clients per month with at least 10 days between estimated due dates. When I put your due date on my calendar, I commit to being available two weeks beforehand and 2 weeks after that date. 


It’s important to me to keep up with the most current information. I have to pay to attend conferences and training opportunities. 


Because I love it!